WEEKEND CAMPING SPOTS $50 (4 person per lot)

WEEKEND RV CAMPING SPOTS $50 (4 person per lot)


For Non-RV camping spots, upon arrival, you will be given 4 wristbands, either QUIET CAMPING, or GENERAL CAMPING

For RV camping spots, upon arrival, you will be given 4 wristbands per every 4 persons in RV vehicle. For additional adult wristbands, we ask that you purchase a second RV camping pass to accommodate. 

This is a RAIN or SHINE event, which means no tickets will be refunded under any circumstances. Lost items of any kind are your responsibility as campers, concert goers, or attendees.

Please see Camping FAQ here for guidelines and answers for all of your camping questions. 


Are there trees around campsites to hang hammocks?

Not really. We would prefer no hammocks.

Will there be handicap accessible parking?

There will be handicap accessible camping parking near the entrance of the festival.

Can I buy a camping pass at the festival?

If we have tickets still available, sure! Note that there may be a price increase for tickets purchased the day-of. As of now, they are $50 for up to 4 people spot. They will go up to $70 after May 1st, and nearing the date of the festival.

Will there be water?

We encourage you to bring refillable water bottles, as there will be refilling stations in the festival grounds.

Will camping sell out?

Possibly! If you are worried about tickets selling out, we recommend snagging them ASAP.

Do I need a camping pass to enter the camping area?

You will need a camping pass to enter any camping areas. These bracelets will be given to your camping host. 4 passes will be per purchased lot.

What does Quiet camping mean?

Quiet camping is family friendly camping and a noise curfew. Upon arrival, we will ask you which area you wish to placed in.

This option is preferable for people who have small children or those who enjoy more peace and quiet.

You can attend the general campfire performances with a Quiet camping wristband.

How many tents are allowed per campsite?

We encourage there to be only one tent per camp spot. If we can fit two, so be it. But, to save on room, please use a 4 person tent.  Each camping area is first come first serve within their boundaries. Every person camping needs a camping wristband for the camping area of their choice.

Do I need a camping pass to go to the campfire area?

You will need a camping pass to access the campfire area. All camping wristbands are accepted for access to the campfire area.

Are kids allowed?

All teenagers (under 18) and kids are allowed in the campgrounds with a parent or guardian. If the parent or guardian will not be present, please contact us at  to request a written consent form, which must be signed and presented in person by the parent/guardian.

Kiddos 12 and under are free, over 12 are required to purchase a camping pass or to be included in your camping lot of 4 people.

When can I check in/out to the camping area?

Camping spots will be available at 4pm on Friday, June 16th. You must be off festival grounds by noon on Sunday, June 18th.

Can I buy supplies? Food, Wood, ice, etc.

There will be a general store called Toni’s Corner (located on 5700 Raymond road, a mile south of the festival grounds) for campers located onsite. But, plan accordingly for what you need, as getting in and out is tough. Please check hours here:   You’ll be able to pick up any odds and ends (including ice and beer to-go) you may have forgotten at home.

Where do I park my car?

Cars are not permitted in campgrounds. Parking near camping areas are available.

If I don’t check in on Friday, will I have a spot?

If you bought a pass ahead of time, we will be sure to have room for you! Just come and set up at your earliest convenience in any spot you see available.

Can I park my car next to my tent?

Due to safety concerns, cars will need to be parked in the designated parking area.

Will there be restrooms?

There will be port-a-potties scattered throughout the camping areas.

Can I bring my VW bus, RV, or travel trailer?

Yep! You can bring your own RV, but we do not have electricity or water. So, plan accordingly. Any kind of dumping on grounds is prohibited, and violaters will be fined for cleanup.  All RV Campers must have a valid camping pass which can be purchased here:

Can I bring my pet?

Unless you have a service animal, no pets please.

Will there be power?

Power will not be provided for individual camping spots, however, there will be charging stations in designated areas.

Are firepits allowed?

If weather conditions allow, we will have a campfire near the camping areas. The festival adminstrators are in charge of this fire. No camp fires are allowed by campers thorughout the weekend.

No tiki torches, fireworks or the like, please.

What items are prohibited?

These items ARE NOT allowed into the campgrounds:

NO Glass

Please don’t bring any glass into the campgrounds. We are inhabiting beautiful rural Nebraska, so please also refrain from bringing styrofoam and recycle everything you can.

NO Pyro Stuff

No tiki torches, fireworks or the like, please.

RVs are welcome but no dumping.

The festival campgrounds are tent only camping. A very limited number of RV camping spots will be available for purchase, and will likely sell out early.

NO Pets

We love our pets too, but please don’t bring your animals. Service animals are welcome.

NO Selling Stuff

No unlicensed vending or sponsor tents are allowed in our campgrounds.

Can I bring alcohol?

We would ask that you DO NOT bring your own alcohol and respect the festival’s beverages available. Remember, no glass allowed, so plan accordingly for other beverages. We will take away class items if we discover you with them.

Do camping passes come with festival tickets?

Camping passes are not included with General Admission or VIP festival passes. Please purchase separately.

Will there be showers?

No. It’s camping. There is a lake near by.

Is a camping pass per-person or per-tent?

Camping passes are valid for up to 4 people per-camping spot. A bracelet for camping are required for entry into your corresponding camping area. Each person in a tent will need to have a bracelet and be able to show it at any time. Do not remove these bracelets or lose them.

Are tents secured?

There will be security onsite 24/7, but don’t risk leaving valuables in tents. Nebraska Folk & Roots will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. All camping attendees are subject to search upon entry. So be good, you rascals!

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Feel free to bring your own food and drink into campgrounds. No food and drink is allowed on the festival grounds, however.

Small campfire stoves that run on propane or charcoal are okay. Just be conscious about the farm and your surroundings.